Learn to Play

Alphabet Zoop


Fun for 1 or more players!
Play cooperatively or ‘win’ with the most matches.

The Gorilla card is ‘wild’ & matches any card.

1. Shuffle the matching red/blue cards.
2. Lay cards, face down, in a grid of rows.
3. Players take turns, flipping over 2 cards.
4. Find a MOOSE, flip over 1 more card.
5. If a match is found, this player picks up these 2 cards, and takes an extra turn.
6. If no match, flip the 2 cards back in place, face down, ending your turn.
7. Play continues until all cards are matched.  Game can be played with the entire deck or any matching cards.

Game can be played with the entire deck or any matching cards.

For beginners:

• Play the game with just the matching cards that spell your name, or that of a card animal.
• Flipped up cards remain face-up.

Have fun playing!


A Racing Game where players scramble to put cards in ABC (alphabetical) order from A to Z!  Play with 2 teams/players or cooperatively.

Play with 2 teams/players or cooperatively.

1. Divide cards into red and blue piles.
2. Each team gets a colored set, shuffles their cards, and then swaps cards with the other team.
3. The Gorilla card is placed in the middle.
4. Teams say "Go Go Gorilla!" to start placing their cards in ABC (alphabetIcal) order.
5. When a team thinks their cards are in order, they take the Gorilla Card. ALL players stop.
6.  The other team checks the order of ABC cards with the alphabet on the Gorilla Card.
7.  If any letter card is out of order, the Gorilla Card is put back in the middle and play resumes.
8. Game ends when one team has all cards correctly sequenced in alphabet order from A-Z (checked by the other team.)

Have fun playing!


Forget Old Maid. Let’s play Old Gorilla!

1. Deal out all cards equally among players.
2. Players find and place matches face up.
3. Keep remaining cards in hand or face down.
4. Youngest player goes first by choosing 1 card from the player on their left.
5. Matched cards are placed face up.
6. Keep playing until all cards are matched, and only the Alphabet Gorilla card remains!
Will you be the lucky one holding the Gorilla Card?

Have fun playing!


1. Spell your child’s name with the red letter cards.
2. Have your child find the blue matching cards.
3. Mix up the red letters, then have your child use these cards to re-spell out their name.
4. Have your child close their eyes while you hide one card. Ask your child which letter is missing.
5.Use both the red and blue cards to play “Moose Memory Match.”

Have fun playing!


Hint: Building on a rug is easier.

1. Stand up 2 cards by leaning them together.
2. Add cards to make walls for your house.
3. Lay cards on top as a roof.
4. Try building a square room.
5. Can you add on more rooms or floors?

Enjoy your card house!

• Play a game to see how many rooms or floors you can make in 3 minutes.
• Create a story of the animals building and living in your house.

Have fun playing!


1. Find the red ‘A’ and red ‘T’ cards.
2. Put them together to spell ‘A T.’
3. Find the blue ‘B, C, H’ cards.
4. Put  ‘B, C, H’ in front of -AT to spell: BAT, CAT, HAT.
5. Make up a story: “The FAT CAT SAT in my HAT.”

• Try with - ET, -IT, -OT, -AP, -UP, etc.
• How many rhyming words can you make?

Have fun playing!

“I Have, Who Has?”

A fun speaking & ABC sequencing game!
  (Use the Gorilla Card and box for help.)

1. Pass out one set of 26 A - Z cards (red or blue.)
2. The person holding the A card starts the game, saying, ‘I have A, who has B?’ placing the A card face up to end their turn.
3. The person with the B card says, “I have B, who has C?’ placing the B card next to the A card.
4. Continue until the person with the Z card says, “I have Z, the last letter in the alphabet!” placing  the Z card next to the Y card, ending the game.
5. All sing the “ABC Song” while picking up the cards.

Have fun playing!


Where spelling words wins the game!

Raccoon and Gorilla Cards are 'wild' and can be used for any letter.

1. Shuffle cards. Younger players get 5 cards  each. Older players get 7 cards each.
2. Put the remaining cards in a ‘pile’ face down.
3. Turn over the op card to create a ‘discard pile.'
4. Youngest player goes first.
5. Each turn: Pick up a surprise card from the  ‘pile’ or the top card from the discard pile.
6. End your turn by discarding 1 card face up.
7. Game continues until a player uses up all their cards by spelling words.Letters may be used twice in a crossword format. The last card can be used in a word or discarded.

Have fun playing!

Team Play:

Build a collaborative crossword where players take turns adding cards.