Play is the child's work and our work is to make sure
every child has the tools they need to succeed.

“Families are so excited to see the students playing at home....while learning. They also mentioned that it is an amazing strategy to send home a different game weekly. Students are having fun while playing and developing their alphabet skills.

Community Kids Place at the Tarbox
Out-of-School Time Program
Lawrence, MA

"My students have used the cards with me online and while doing the memory game I was able to uncover some skill deficits and issues around letter recognition. I saw mothers pointing and saying the names of the letters to their students after I modeled it online! So exciting to see parents as teachers!  Such a great small win!"

"Afghan Mom's Program"
MS, International Institute of New England (IINE)
Lowell, MA

My students loved playing the games.
They were saying the names of the letters when putting the cards in alphabetical order and letter sounds when making words. Looking forward to having a deck of Alphabet Zoop to give each of my students when school starts. I’m also excited to show their parents how to use these cards at home.”

MG, 1st Grade Teacher,
Title 1 School, Lowell, MA

"Words can't express how happy the kiddos were to receive a new game! Parents were also thrilled it had instructions in their language!"

SOWMA Tutoring Program
School on Wheels - Massachusetts
"Ending the Cycle of Homelessness through Education"

"[A child] with severe learning disabilities has been struggling to learn to spell simple words. I gave his mom a packet of the cards, and she immediately realized how useful [Alphabet Zoop] would be. You have never seen a bigger smile…"

Volunteer Tutor on Family Engagement
Layfayette, IN

What We Do

All children benefit from learning through play, but not all children have the resources. We’ve solved this problem with Project: Play2Learn

With your support, Project: Play2Learn provides free educational games that help children learn through play.

We provide a tangible tool to help children succeed academically, gain confidence, keep up with their peers, all while promoting social-emotional health at home.

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“Play is integral to the academic environment..."

Why Play?

To empower children to learn and develop social emotional skills through play.

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“Play is not frivolous: it enhances brain structure and function..."

Interested in free educational games for the children you serve?

We collaborate with community partners interested in promoting learning and social-emotional health, especially important for children facing challenges due to poverty, homelessness, and language barriers.

Who We Are

A group of caring professionals that distribute free educational games to children through the generous support of our donors.

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We Need Your Support!

Help us put educational games in the hands of children.

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Learn to Play

Alphabet Zoop™ is easy to play with fun, flipping, matching and spelling games that challenge children as skills increase.

QR Codes on the game offer translations of game instructions for non-English speakers & ABC music video.

Learn to Play

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