Family Engagement Empowered through Play!

Project: Play2Learn believes that to reach educational equity as social justice for our most vulnerable young children, we must first provide the learning resources for play. 

Power2Play, our family engagement program, provides free games for children to learn at home. Play is a powerful communication tool for engagement, especially when interacting with non-English speaking families. Alphabet Zoop includes QR codes for translating game instructions. 

Why? Play brings joy to learning. Games motivate children to practice skills outside of school, strengthening their socio-emotional health and enhancing their self-confidence. Playing games provides respite during challenging times and inspires a love of learning.

We provide free educational games to children ages 3-8 by partnering with educational organizations. We coach educators on ‘quick-play’ to introduce games to the children they serve, the key to increasing the likelihood of repeated play at home. 

Busy educators and families, all short on time, welcome our games that engage young children to connect school with home, encouraging playful learning and social-emotional health. Power2Play is an easy family engagement program benefitting children. 

Project: Play2Learnprovides the award winning card game, Alphabet Zoop, for children to focus on pre-literacy and English skills. Each free deck provides multiple fun games to challenge children as their skills develop. Our educational, pocket-sized card decks are easy to store and play for a few minutes or more. Early math (STEM) games will be available soon.

Project: Play2Learn deeply appreciates the support of our partners who value the importance of play for children and family engagement. Power2Play is made possible by the generosity of those contributing funds to provide these free educational games to encourage healthy and playful learning for under-resourced children. A contribution to off-set shipping fees of these free games to your organization or school is greatly appreciated.

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